Having spent the biggest part of the last week in video conference calls, I can categorically confirm, I AM ZOOMED OUT! During one of many networking calls this week, I was described as a ‘copyrighter’ from Belfast….

A WHAT? Yes, so I thought it may be useful to actually outline the role of a copyWRITER. As a bonus, I’ll tell you how a freelance copywriter in Northern Ireland can boost your business.

Let’s start with the basics, what is a copywriter?

In a nutshell, copywriters are trained professionals who can take your sales and marketing to the next level by crafting words that sell. Therefore, we support the functions of many digital marketing agencies. We develop emotive connections to your brand, selling your ideas through words on landing pages, brochures, emails, press releases and feature articles.

Sometimes you may hear a freelance copywriter being described as a content writer. So, you may ask what is the difference between a copywriter and a website content writer?

For many, the line is a little blurry! Numerous copywriters can write great content but often content writers can not quite master the art of copy – and that’s ok. The purpose of copywriting and content writing differs significantly, in that copy is all about selling. It doesn’t need to be over salesy but it does need to convince a reader that they absolutely NEED your product or service. Content writers are slightly more of a ‘yeah, whatever’ type vibe….subtly telling the benefits of the product while delivering content which the reader values.

Why have a copywriter?

While many people could muddle through and populate their website with content – writing copy that sells is a little more tricky. Let’s remember, a professional copywriter has all the training and experience and knows EXACTLY how to drive traffic to your website. A copywriter knows how to encourage user engagement and can do SEO research, competitor analysis and topical research with their eyes closed (not literally). Imagine the time and effort you would need to set aside to focus on this particular task. Is it worth it?

This may depend on how much a copywriter costs..

The truth is, how long is a piece of string. Lockdowns and restrictions brought about by COVID-19 have meant that copywriting skills are very much in demand! Why? If businesses are to survive this crisis, they need to become more digitally focused – this means, marketing and selling their products and services online as quickly and efficiently as possible.

While large scale corporations are blessed with in-house communications teams complete with fancy pants copywriters, many smaller businesses are left trying to run everything – from product development to operations, from customer service to marketing..and everything else in between.

Copy takes time…not to mention know-how. It is quite easy to sit down and write a piece of web content. What do you need? Some details about the product or service, benefits and advantages and how the reader can buy it. Then you need to think about the SEO. What’s that, you say? Search Engine Optimisation. It’s digi-tech speak for ‘placing the right words in the right places to attract the right customers’. How do I find these keywords? Where do I put them and more to the point, who am I trying to attract?

Woah Woah before you disappear down that rabbit hole, let me reassure you that it’s really quite simple if you know what to do. Which I do.

Thankfully, the services of a good copywriter will not cost you the earth – but those services will save you time, money, headaches and all the faffin’ about with keyword research. Life is too short to faf!

Get in touch and let’s get your copy and content needs sorting today. If you REALLY insist…we can do a Zoom call!  😫 

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