Top 5 Web Design Trends of 2021

It’s here!  The Business Aide guide to the Top 5 leading Web Design Trends of 2021! See how the leading web designers in Belfast (and beyond) are creating a storm in the digital sphere.  What trends should you follow to ensure your website looks fresh, engaging and professional? How can you best represent your brand online? Get ready for this..

It’s true to say that web design trends are highly influenced by the cultural changes that happen all over the world.  This year, we have experienced surprisingly dramatic changes in how we live, and this has obviously impacted on the digital world, including the web design and web development sector.

The global spread of coronavirus has meant quarantines, lockdowns and (dare I say it?) desocialization – which has led us to seek out new opportunities in the digital world.   The stay-at-home message has challenged designers to recreate real-life experiences and convert them to digital – with a much greater emphasis on enhancing user experiences. 

So, let us share with you, the top five examples of how websites can be designed to ensure a faster, easier, and more visually appealing user experience.

1. Soothing Colours/Calm Design

We think you’ll agree, 2020 was an incredibly stressful year. So, after a stressful year, it’s not surprising that one of the top web design trends of 2021 is the use of soothing colours and calm, zen-like designs. Using simple front light image, warm gradients, or large happy images in your website design can encourage a relaxing user experience and prevent the user from being overstimulated.

The Dundonald Nurseries website offers a good example of this look, with a calming colour scheme that fits right in with its line of beautiful garden delights!

2. Neumorphism

Neumorphism has been reaching unbelievable traction this past year. The style is a successor that focuses on the colours in a design to create layers and depth. This design style incorporates and perfectly combines old and new. This trend was extensively supplanted by flat design which elementary icons and colours in a way that was less realistic but more casual and easy to view.

The final result looks similar to the embossed look – especially when applied to buttons or text. It will be especially popular with UI/UX materials.

3. Abstract art Layouts

The combination of Geometric Abstract art shapes and layouts with imagery continues to be a web design trend in 2021. The abstract art layouts look that was so popular the last couple of years levels up with colourful elements and more complex compositions. This abstract art layout website gives an energetic feel while maintaining a clean and shuffle free view.

4. Create More Effective Shopping Experiences

Products are often at the heart of an E-commerce website. And 2021’s web pages have their hearts on their hands. Due to the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, we saw more people shopping online. This situation created an opportunity for website designers to provide visitors with more efficient ways to shop. Specifically, products are inspiring literal design elements through creative and more effective shopping experiences.

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5. Dark Mode (black background)

White or other bright backgrounds carry a simple and very modern aesthetic, but they can also be boring and heavy on the eyes. Dark mode sites have recently become more and more popular in web design, development and mobile apps. In addition to adding a touch of class, the dark site mode offers a stunning contrast for texts and ensures that mobile devices and other devices can enjoy an easy-on-the-eye experience.

So, this was just a small selection of the top 5 web design trends of 2021. There are many other trending sites that we haven’t mentioned here, such as, 3D animations and illustrations, Data, Augmented Reality (AR), vintage sites, Visualization etc. We are always curious to know what you think of the current web design trends.

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