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Copywriter… Having spent the biggest part of the last week in video conference calls, I can categorically confirm, I AM ZOOMED OUT! During one of many networking calls this week, I was described as a ‘copyrighter’ from Belfast…. A WHAT? Yes, so I thought it may be useful to actually outline the role of a […]

To Do List

A To-Do list is a Virtual Assistant’s favourite friend… We’ve all had it – ‘To-Do’ list angst!  The constant battle to remain organised and ahead of the game, juggling competing deadlines and striving to exceed all objectives and expectations.  Of course, a ‘To-Do’ list is great for increasing productivity and keeping us focused on the […]


Spread Kindness The 2020 Sunshine People Kindness Challenge is now well underway, with Points of Light Award winner Nahla Summers due to arrive in Reading today. As the founder of Sunshine People social enterprise, Nahla is undertaking her biggest awareness-raising challenge to date. She is currently making her way around the UK and Ireland on […]

Are you a small business looking to save money and cut down expenses? You are not on your own! This year has been challenging for even the most financially comfortable small businesses. Who would have guessed whole sectors would be brought to their knees by a virus? Certain industries have been hit more than others, […]

How is your work-life balance? Achieving a work-life balance is a daily challenge we all face.  A Mental Health Foundation study found that 42% of women compared to 29% of men reported unhappiness with a work-life balance.  A consequence of life roles and the pressure to conform to the perfect mother stereotype.   Striving for […]

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